The Hustleverse is a community dedicated to helping builders and operators (engineers, designers, marketers, product managers, and community managers) learn about and transition from Web2 into Web3 (cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, DAOs, etc). We are at a key moment in history that combines innovative technology with true digital ownership; this moment is Web3.

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • How do I learn more about Web3 and Web3 tools?
  • What career opportunities exist in Web3?
  • What do Web3 companies look for when hiring?

Then join us inside the Hustleverse where we will:

  • Facilitate high-level peer networking to help you build your network.
  • Teach you about Web3 and Web3 tools through our events and content.


At Hustle Fund we believe many of the best career opportunities in the coming decade will be in Web3. Top talent is already shifting from Web2 to Web3.

However, it can be challenging to break into Web3 projects and companies because:

  • It's hard to discern credible projects from scams
  • Web 3 has gotten a bad rap lately
  • Web3 may feel inaccessible if you are in an underrepresented community
  • It's hard to find great Web3 projects and companies with inclusive cultures

We want to make this transition easier with the Hustleverse.



To access the Hustleverse, you must own the Hustleverse Passport, an NFT that provides access to the online community.

Only 1000 will be made available for public purchase. The mint purchase price will be 0.25 ETH for one. You must have a MetaMask wallet to purchase.

The mint will happen the first week of May, 2022.



To purchase the Hustleverse Passport, apply below. If selected, you will be added to our mint allow list. Being accepted does not guarantee you an NFT.

The mint will be on a first come, first served basis.





  • Meet Web3 builders, operators, and emerging thinkers like yourself in our online community.
  • Access to exclusive virtual events every two weeks for four months to learn about Web3 projects and tools. Events will be recorded for playback if you can't make it.
  • Learn new skills for working in the Web3 world.


  • Virtual Hustleverse Web3 job fair
  • Attend IRL events with Hustleverse members.
  • Project incubation (get your own Web3 project started within the Hustle Fund ecosystem).
  • $HUSTLE token??? 😉


DeFi and wallets and DAOs, oh my!

Watch as the Hustleverse team and Hustle Fund co-founder Elizabeth Yin as they go over common Web3 terminology.



In this AMA event, the Hustleverse team and Hustle Fund GP Elizabeth Yin discuss:

  • Why they built the Hustleverse
  • What makes them excited about Web3
  • How this community can help when it comes to transitioning your career to Web3
  • Who the Hustleverse is for and what makes this community unique
  • and much more


  • What is Web3?

    Web3 is a new iteration of the internet that uses blockchain technology and incorporates concepts such as decentralization, digital ownership, and token-based economics.

  • If I don't know what those words mean, should I still apply?

    Yes, we understand this space can be overwhelming but we'll help you every step of the way. You'll be Web3 proficient sooner than you think!

  • What does it mean to mint?

    Minting, in regards to NFTs, is the process of taking a digital asset and converting it to be stored on the blockchain. This makes it purchasable.

  • Why do I need to apply to join?

    Since there are only 1,000 Hustleverse Passport NFTs, we only have space for 1,000 members in this community. We ask that anyone interested in joining the community apply so that we can ensure a high quality and diverse community that will add enormous value to its members.

  • What is the process to apply?

    Apply by April 18, 2022 and if selected, you will be sent further details on how to set up your MetaMask wallet and prepare for the mint.

    The mint will happen in the first week of May.

  • What do you look for in the applications?

    We're looking for builders and operators who are eager to dive deep into Web3 knowledge and opportunities. Engineers, marketers, designers, product managers, and community managers are all encouraged to apply. In your application, we'd love to get a better understanding about why you want to be in this community and where you think you can add value to other members. 

  • Will you accept more applications than NFTs available to mint?

    Yes, when your application is accepted, you are invited to mint. Being accepted does not guarantee you an NFT. The mint will be on a first come, first served basis.

    Once we sell out, that it is.

  • What can I expect from joining the Hustleverse community?

    In addition to connecting with other Web3 enthusiasts in the community, you'll be also invited to regular events featuring Web3 founders and experts - people who will share insights on how you can transition your career from Web2 to Web3.

    We'll have additional surprises sprinkled in throughout the program.

  • What is an NFT and why do I need to purchase one to join?

    NFT stands for non-fungible token which means it is unique and can’t be replaced with something else. Think of an NFT as a one of a kind baseball card.

    An NFT can be used to represent ownership of a variety of digital assets including art, photography, music, and more on the blockchain (technology that powers Web3).

    Requiring a Hustleverse Passport is a great way to learn about NFTs.

    We know it can be scary but don't worry, we've got you covered.

  • What is a MetaMask wallet?

    MetaMask is a crypto wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their wallet through a browser extension or mobile app. You can learn more at: https://metamask.io/

  • What if I have more questions?

    Please email us at hello@hustleverse.io




Hung Pham

Founder of The Hustleverse. Creative Director at Hustle Fund. Founder of Culture Summit (acquired). Crypto and Web3 investor since 2015. Devout Transformers collector. Follow him on Twitter @HungVPham


Lidia Bit-Yunan

Program Director at The Hustleverse. Former creator of Camp Everest - an inclusive startup customer acquisition community. Co-founder of Set Scouter (500 Startups 2016), and an ex-TV producer. Spending lots of time being a newbie Web3 explorer, while drinking copious amounts of tea and being a mom.



The Hustleverse Passport was built in partnership with Bildr. Bildr is a platform that empowers you to build Web3 apps, launch SaaS products and create useful and beautiful software in the world, with or without code. Mint lifetime access to Bildr Pro with a Studio Pass here: https://web3.bildr.com/


Hustle Fund

Hustle Fund is pre-seed venture capital fund that believes in democratizing wealth through entrepreneurship. Our mission is to provide more founders with access to capital, network, and knowledge. Tell us what you're hustling on at https://www.hustlefund.vc/

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